Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretty In Pink ... Or Not .....

Week One at work is now under my belt ... kind of. I have an event to attend tonight, so although I'm officially done work for the week, my work is never done.

Should be a good opportunity to meet a ton of people ... that I'll never remember their names and what they do. But, I suppose the more I get out there, the more people I'll remember who the heck they are ... and maybe they'll even remember me at some point!

Tonight's event is a Breast Cancer event. Which means pink. Pink, pink, pink. Do I own pink? Not really (and Audrey's just not big enough to share clothes with her mama yet ...). Do I own pink that's semi-formal? Definitely not.

So off to shopping I go. Last night. 24 hours before the event. Nothing like last-minute shopping in a town of 80,000 people, and less than perfect shopping selection.

Pink. Semi-formal. Pink. In the fall.

Oh. Did I mention that it's even harder when you're trying to fit a body into a pink, semi-formal outfit after you've had two babies and are still nursing?

Yup. Recipe for failure.

So, 30 minutes before mall closing, I decided tonight will be a black dress, accessorized with pink. Pink wrap. Pink bracelet. Pink ring. Pink clutch. Couldn't manage to find pink shoes, but this will all have to do.

Is it wrong that at one point I thought that they should've made the breast cancer 'colour' black? Then I thought about it ... maybe not the message they're trying to portray.

But still ... couldn't they have decided to make it plum? Green?

Bets that all I'll see in the stores from now until next fall is pink?

And then the event will come up again, and finally, I'll be pretty in pink.

Or not.

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