Monday, September 13, 2010

Back To The Grind




That about sums up my day!

Audrey woke up at 6 this morning with no intention of going back to sleep. Managed to get us all up and out the door on time this morning! Dropped the kids at the babysitter's (thank you Tara from highschool who is watching the kids a couple days a week!!!), and got to work on time!

So far so good at work - got the tour of the station, and met everyone. I think I remember everyone's name that sits close to me, so I'm considering that a success for now!

Got through the day, got most of the paperwork filled out, although there is confusion with BC medical as Ryan is arriving at a later date. (Not a good idea. Causes paperwork drama. No fun. Oh well. Don't plan on doing it again, so I guess this will be the only time we have this paperwork drama.)

Got the kids picked up ... Easton didn't want to leave Tara's. Audrey was apparently good. Yay!

Fast forward to bedtime. Audrey had a good freak out. Normally I can put her in bed and walk out and she puts herself to sleep. Tonight took me laying on the bed with one arm tight around her for her to go to sleep. I think we're dealing with some separation anxiety.

Should be a fun week!

Tomorrow is our sales meeting and I think I'm getting the green light to visit clients tomorrow as well. Should be another tiring day, I'm sure!!!!

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