Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last Day of Freedom!!

Well, it's official. My last day of the freedom of maternity leave is now over. Tomorrow I return to the working world. No more wearing pajamas until 3pm. No more lazily eating breakfast in the living room. No more wearing flip flops.

My clothes are ironed. The kids clothes are ready to go. The diaper bag is packed. The new carseat is installed (THANK YOU to Miranda for lending your van for this week!!).

I'm tired already, thinking about work. Meeting new people. Learning a new job, and the systems and processes that come with it. Meeting new clients. Wearing heels ...

Today dad, Easton and I also went to look at potential rental houses. Two of them were complete disasters. I won't even get into the particulars, but as I put it tonight at the supper table: "Imagine if Ryan found out that's where we were living!? I guess at least we'd fit in to the neighbourhood when he beat me!"

Erin M -- these places were almost as bad as your apartment in 2nd year college ... and THAT was BAD!!! (I used to make Erin call me to say she got into her apartment without being killed. It was GHETTO).

Yup, it wasn't a good situation. Who knew that rentals were either SO crappy or overpriced?

Not me, that's for sure!

This week's adventure will continue with a call to a mortgage broker to see what we can do about getting into a real house sooner than later, I think!!

I'm sure there will be much more to share tomorrow... when I'm not as tired, I'm sure. (haha)

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