Monday, September 6, 2010

Removing the Heart from the Home and Leaving a House

Yup, this is pretty much as mushy as you would imagine it to be.

Driving home from friends' house tonight (a last dinner to say good-bye before the big move), my husband mentioned that he hoped the weather tomorrow would allow us to have a family picture in front of the house.

The house that we moved into after we got married.

The house that we made a home.

The house that we brought our two babies home to.

I couldn't believe that it made me as emotional as it did (I like to think I'm pretty tough), but there I was, wiping tears from my face so I could see Highway 401 driving home.

It made me start thinking: We're leaving our home in two days. And then I thought: No! WE are our home, and we're just leaving behind the house that we once made our home.

No matter where we go, and where we live, as long as we have love for one another, we will always have a home.

I hope tonight that you look around yourself ... see all the things that you've accumulated over the years. And then I hope you look at your companions and your heart fills with warmth in gratitude that you are a family.

(Mushiness over ... for now ...)

Good night, friends!

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