Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Time is such an interesting concept, isn't it? I looked up 'time' to find a simple explanation through www.dictionary.com ... needless to say, it wasn't as easy as one would think! Can you believe that the website has 64 definitions for the word?

Whether it's a verb, adjective, noun or idiom, time can refer to many different things.

Today I am most drawn to definition #27 (of, pertaining to, or showing the passage of time) ... to tell you the truth, I stopped reading about half way through, but I think that #27 is mostly what applies to me today!

Tomorrow marks the day that enough time has passed (ie. I'm getting old), that I am going to register little E for kindergarten! Hard to believe that it's been such a short time between his birth and now. 4 1/2 years just doesn't seem like enough time to enjoy such a fun, smart kid before sending them off into the world.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think that school is going to be an AMAZING adventure! It just means that the times of our adventures together are coming to a close, and he will move on to have adventures of his own!

He will have the time of his life (#64 in case anyone cares!)!! And of course, I hope that he will share his good times with me.

Who knew that a time as short as under five years could bring such great happiness and memories?

I can only imagine the amazing times the next five years will bring ....