Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Labour Day. I'm Labouring ...

Now that I have your attention, no, I haven't managed to hide a baby in my 11 months post-partum baby body (although I suspect it might not have been horribly hard to do...). I'm labouring packing boxes. And throwing things out. And finding things I've stashed/hidden over the years. And finding things I haven't used in years ... and packing those things in case I need them ...

Packing is not for the faint of heart. At the start of packing up our entire household I was excited with the prospect of a new start. A new place. A fresh box. A fresh roll of packing tape.

Well, a few weeks later, the fresh scent of permanent markers has overwhelmed me and sent me to a place that I have no idea what to do next! My beautifully packed boxes from the start of my 'packing journey', labelled with all contents have now become haphazardly packed items that have been collecting in piles, not belonging to any category. My labelling has now become a quickly scrawled 'miscellaneous'.

I suspect that this may have been a lot more fun had I had something stronger than coffee this morning. But I didn't ... so off I go. To get a box. And an almost-used roll of packing tape. And a horribly strong permanent marker.

Oh, and just for the record, my Easton is playing Wii (since it's a rain day), and the baby is sleeping peacefully.

As is her dad.

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