Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Dull Roar

Phew. It's been a busy month!!

Ryan and his dad arrived safe and sound with all of our stuff on October 6th. My boss VERY nicely gave me the rest of the afternoon off so I could head home and help get things organized. We were fortunate to have one of my cousins come to help unload the truck (thanks Ben!)

Mom brought Easton and Audrey and the rest of her crew down to see Ryan and check the place out (there was MUCH excitement). We were also VERY thankful that she saved us from an otherwise inevitable pizza dinner, and brought a crockpot with chili AND homemade buns and cookies!!

The next few days were full of work, and unpacking as quickly as we could! By Saturday, things were somewhat where they needed to be. Ryan's dad flew out on Saturday (also Miss Audrey's 1st birthday!), and that night Audrey became a big girl ... no more breast feeding, and no more being rescued at night!! We sleep with a fan on in our room, so I didn't really even hear her if/when she was up!

One week after Ryan arrived, I left him and the kids for a sales conference at a GORGEOUS resort just outside of Vernon, BC. I left the Thursday morning and came home the Sunday evening, and am happy to report that everyone lived. It was great to get away and meet other people in the company, and SO nice to live in luxury (and I DO mean luxury!!) for a few nights. The resort is Sparkling Hill ... check it out ( AH-MAY-ZING!!!

This weekend has been more relaxing ... unpacked a couple more boxes and organized things a little bit better. Slowly, but surely, we're settling into HOME!

The leaves are mostly gone from the trees now, and soon we will be having our first snow fall - I know it! And I can't wait!!!

Away I go ... settling deeper into a dull roar ....

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  1. So jealous that you got to have some of mom's homemade buns!! Glad you are settling let me know when you guys get a landline!