Monday, January 10, 2011

A Good Start to the Day

Breakfast. It's delicious! It's one of my favourite meals of the day. And yet, it's probably the most commonly skipped meal for most people.

Breakfast is so important (in case you hadn't heard already ...). Skipping breakfast has been tied to being overweight. Eating breakfast can promote healthy weight loss. If you eat breakfast, you'll have more energy, and you're less likely to cheat on your diet.

Think about it, it's important to parents everywhere that their kids get a healthy breakfast to set up their day and help them have a productive day of learning at school.

Why do we skip breakfast ourselves so often? We need to set up our days for success ... starting with breakfast!

One easy breakfast that I've been making a few times the last week is a simple omelette. Here's my recipe!

Chive & Goat Cheese Egg-White Omelette:

4 egg whites (buy the cartons of egg whites - it's easier. 1/2 cup = 4 egg whites)
A handful of chives, chopped as finely as you need
1 chunk of goat cheese (I buy the log of it at Costco, and use about a centimetre thick slice)
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. 'PAM' a frying pan, and put on med-high heat. Pour in the egg whites. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

2. While the egg whites cook slightly, chop the chives. Sprinkle them over the eggs.

3. Slice your goat cheese and crumble it on one half of the eggs. Once the egg base starts to bubble away from the pan, fold it in half over the cheese.

4. Flip your omelette as needed until it's cooked as much as you like.

Serve this with one slice of multigrain toast (with 1 tsp. of butter!). Including toast and butter, this breakfast meal is filling and only 315 calories!

AND it's fast!! NO EXCUSES!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a easy make-ahead breakfast bar recipe!

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