Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, it's January. With that comes a new year. A sense of beginning. A feeling that you can make your year anything you want it to be.

A slight pinch when you go back to work after the holidays and have to put real clothes on again ....

January is about accountability! It's time to get serious about health, clear out all the junk your body accumulated over Christmas, and get back on track for a great year ahead.

Accountability is a huge motivator in keeping on track when you're working on cleaning up your act!

To keep myself accountable, I downloaded an iPhone app to help me track what I'm eating, and make sure I'm eating good things, and not too much.

I'm also telling people I'm working hard on healthy eating. Again, accountability. If everyone at work knows I'm working on eating healthy, I won't be as likely to hit the snack cupboard for a snack at 3pm!

I'm also hitting the blog. Time to get me accountable again! I'm trying to decide when I'm going to let myself cheat ... I think Saturdays and Sundays should be an extra 200 calories of deliciousness ... enough to tackle a handful of the Hawkins cheezies that are tempting me in the cupboard right now!!


For now, I'm off to make some herbal tea, and read to keep my mind off the food I want to be eating, but will not eat!

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  1. Love this post Pam! and I love that I can see your daily progress on my Ipod! lets keep each other on track! also you should post recipes! What is your daily calorie intake you put yourself on?